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Safety is a top priority in every workplace and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. What makes these more dangerous is that they come at the most unexpected occasions and unless there is someone around with the proper knowledge and skillset to provide immediate medical attention, panic is sure to set in. As an expert in the field of CPR training, our company started with the hopes of teaching all of our students how to save a life. Now in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is forcing businesses, clinicians, health care institutions, and public officials to develop crisis standards of care that differ radically from ordinary care for services. And that’s where the CPR experts come in. “We really wanted to offer a CPR training concept that really taught people what to do in emergency situations and how to build confidence in themselves, “ says Erik Helms, CEO of CPR Experts. 

How It All Began

Having the mindset to save lives is knowing what to do, when you need to do it, and confidently acting upon it. When we started as a company 14 years ago and working in the fire department, we started to notice something as we were running all these 911 calls and having to do CPR on real patients. We saw people that maybe could have been saved, that were not, due to the average person’s lack of training. So we started the company with that vision in mind. With our mission in mind, CPR Experts exists with a core purpose. That is to serve and strengthen businesses through our effective training development, innovation, and outstanding customer service. Focused on the essence of who we are, our vision will thrive not only delivering the best training equipment in the industry, but making sure individuals build confidence to succeed every day.

Safety is Paramount 

We all have one job in common and that is taking a safe system approach when it comes to CPR training. Although innovation is the key to keeping many businesses afloat, in our line of business, it’s imperative in saving lives. In the busy workplace, no one knows when disaster strikes. It’s always a race against time to save a colleague suffering from cardiac arrest. Thus, it’s important that everyone in the office knows how to apply first aid and perform CPR. 

Our goal is to ensure that patients with or without COVID-19, who experience cardiac arrest, have the best possible chance of survival without compromising your safety with hands-on services. We make sure that we only teach with the best equipment in the market today, and that all our instructors bring realism to the class. In doing so, we recognize that it would be easier to enumerate a list of reasons on why we are the best in the business. These include but are not limited to:

  • Get Certified By Experts: All of our CPR/First Aid instructors are active duty firefighters that have performed all the skills that are taught in class.
  • Hone Your Skills: Each student will get to practice each skill that is taught in class so that they feel confident in their abilities to save a life
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment: The quality of training that CPR Experts Orlando can provide is our main goal.

Not only do we provide CPR certifications of varying levels, but also first aid training, AED training, and online sales of emergency response devices and equipment. We encourage you to keep exploring your curiosity about CPR with the knowledge that you can have fun while training up, you can prepare yourself to protect your loved ones, and you can become the difference maker in a knife’s edge situation where a life may be on the line. And if you didn’t know, we also offer classes online. When you’re ready, sign up for one of our CPR certification courses near you then check out our list of scheduled CPR courses in each of our service areas today!