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CPR Training Sessions

"Erik has been a huge relief for Kid’s Nite Out and our CPR/1st Aid training needs! He comes straight to our offices monthly and offers an affordable training class to our new employees, or those who need their certification updated. We will continue to use him for the sake of our employee’s convenience and their wallets! Thanks Erik!"


"I just wanted to thank you once again for a great class! All my staff really enjoyed themselves and learned so much. You have a way of making CPR and First Aid so much fun. We will definitively call you back for our next renewals. Thanks!"


"…Some of our highly qualified caregivers have received their CPR training through the knowledge and expertise of Erik Helms. He is always looking to be of service to our organization and is always available to meet our caregivers needs so we can provide our clients with the best care possible!"


About Us

 We started this company 14 years ago in 2006 and we have been working in the fire department since 2002. When we got into this as a career and we were running all these 911 calls and having to do CPR on real patients we started to notice something.

When we would arrive on the scene we would often see nobody doing any CPR and when CPR was being performed it was done very poorly. With this being the case of below-par practice, people died. Our goal was then was to go out on our off days and teach people how to do CPR correctly so that more lives could be saved. So we started the company with that vision in mind. 

We also found out that many people also had to have a CPR certificate in order to hold their job or gain new employment. One of the most satisfying feelings is when clients contact us and tell us how they have used the skills they learned in our class and saved someone’s life. Our vision is to continue to grow our organization and reach out to as many people as we can. We always wanted the quality of our instruction to be the best in the industry.

We made sure that we only teach with the best equipment in the market today and that all our instructors bring realism to the class.


All of our CPR/First Aid instructors are active duty firefighters that have performed all the skills that are taught in class. The instructors are certified through the American Safety and Health Institute and together have over a decade of firefighting and life-saving experience

We have a passion for sharing the most up to date methods that may be needed one day to save someone’s life. We do not take this responsibility to lighten. We have (insert years here) experience in hands-on training. 


Hone Your Skills

Our students will get to practice each skill that is taught in class so that they feel confident in their abilities to save a life, in the event that they are faced with a real-life emergency.


We have the newest and best training equipment available. The Training mannequins will give the student the most realistic training experience possible for each part of the class so that all skills taught in the course get to be practiced by the student. The quality of training that EJHR Enterprises can provide is our main goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we certified through?

We are certified through the American Heart Association and the American Safety and Health Association.

How long are the certifications good for?

You will be certified for 2 years.

Where are your classes located?
Now offering online training! In-person classes are based on local safety protocols (as of 5/1/2020).

For questions about availability visit our calendar page or contact us.

Who are your trainers?
All instructors are firefighters and nurses.
What type of format do you teach with?
We do traditional hands on CPR training as well as our new Zoom option.
Do you sell AED machines and accessories?
Yes. We sell Phillips AED machines and accessories as well as all other brands.
How do we receive our certification card?
We will email your card to you.
Do you offer group rates.
Please call us for more details.